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Herron Designs is here to help you tell your story, make your music video, short film, commercial, computer art and more.  We are a small company and like to work with creatives seeking to do their first project, as well as other small to medium companies on their next project.

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3D and 2D, character creation, cartoon as well as technical and medical animation, commercials,

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Sound design and Soundtrack 

adding sound effects and foley, arranging and or composing soundtrack music.  We use midi samples from the BBC Symphony orchestral for a realistic sound.

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Editing and Visual Effects

video editing for animation or live action. Visual FX for animation as well as live action, green screen, composition, CGI set extensions, see steam train.


Story and Storyboards

From script to storyboard, animatics, 3D storyboards, conceptual art. Scriptwriting.

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Graphic Design and other art

Graphic arts, logos, fine art...

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Digital Backlot

Large 3D backlot of towns, western town buildings, that can be used in animation or composited as backgrounds in live action also matte paintings.

Many other services

Matte painting,  Set Design, etc.

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